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Event Name:"You had me at hello": Engaging Challenging Families Workshop
Event Type(s):The Center Events

Family engagement is the cornerstone of family-centered practice. Because let's face it, we can’t work with an empty chair. And without high level caregiver buy in, we risk making the poor decisions about family preservation, reunification and foster care. We want 95% of all caregivers to stay engaged throughout a case process and to accomplish this, we have to start with that first conversation.

In this workshop, Dr. Scott Sells, founder of Parenting with Love and Limits and the Family Trauma Institute (www.familytrauma.com), will discuss the importance of family engagement and provide a conversational tool that can be used by caseworkers, therapists, case managers and anyone working with caregivers. The Motivational Family Systems Technique is a manualized 15 to 20 minute, 7-question script that uses strength-based questions to quickly build rapport with caregivers. This technique results in a “soft start-up” where caregivers have greater readiness to change.

In this cutting-edge workshop, participants will:

• Understand how cultural responsiveness aligns with family engagement;

• Discover how family engagement synchronizes with Prochaska’s Readiness to Change research

• Apply the 7-question Motivational Family Systems Technique;

• Learn how the Motivational Family Systems Technique creates a soft up to work with families vs. the traditional harsh start-up;

• Learn the techniques of “stick and move” and “closing statements”; and

• Adapt the Motivational Family Systems Technique to different client setting and cultures.

Event Date:8/28/2019
Event Time:9:00 am -11:00 am
Location:Center for Child Protection
8509 FM 969 #2
Austin, TX, TX 78724

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"You had me at hello": Engaging Challenging Families Workshop

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